Michael Pointer

Artist Statement

This work explores the boundaries and relationship between photography and painting.

I produce photo based images that are anchored in the reality of photography with the extended metaphor of painting. I want the viewer to be aware of the surface of the photographic paper,  the same as paint on canvas. The work is an invitation to look for the larger ideas within the image. The viewer shares the presence of the photographer and the geography, the structure of evidence. The physical reaction to presence with two degrees of separation, the camera/photographer/film to print to viewer, an apostolic chain of touch, one hand to the next. So gelatin silver paper becomes my canvas, evidence of me. I am interested in the photograph as an art object so my work attempts to expand the creative territory  within analog photography.  I begin the process by writing a series of poems which become an emotional template for reference while I work on a series. The resulting images are not illustrations of the poetry and I don’t usually publish the poetry with the images.