Tim Stone

Artist Statement

In my work, the places depicted are representations of somewhat unimportant suburban scenes from everyday life.  It is important for me to find ways to disassociate from the mundane.  To become comfortable one must believe that things don’t change because ideas aren’t questioned; this is destructive and detrimental to progress and growth of any kind and my painting is a way to fight against such comfort.  This work is based on images captured in the suburban environment that trigger the activity of this disassociation. Triggers can be anything unexpected, and range from a reflection in a roadside puddle to a half finished church, or the isolation of my vehicle while I click my teeth between every yellow highway line.  Within my composition the viewer is drawn to that which is unexpected, often the trigger challenges what is logical or proper for its comfortable environment.

We as humans assimilate aspects of our environment such as language and social behaviors in order to fit in and function properly within its guidelines.  It is important to me to challenge this behavior by not accepting these guidelines as an absolute, but simply a platform to spring off from in order to grow and evolve. Housing developments, trees, and concrete depict my environment.  These elements are often in state of flux, reflecting my own experience as I spring forward.